About Us

Answer Services is a company driven by the value of long term relationships. We pride ourselves in our ability to complete projects on time, and find solutions to the problems we are presented with along the way. “We are problem solvers”.

Answer Services has experienced and dedicated staff that consistently go the extra mile due to a pride in what they do. Answer Services has a high retention of staff and that translates into piece of mind for our clients as they know an experienced technician that’s familiar with the operation, layout, potential hazards and critical services at each site.

Our industry experience gives us the ability to assess, design and construct a solution that best suits each clients individual requirements. Our clients don’t need to spend time, money or resources engaging with consultants as we work with our clients giving them advice along the way, offering a complete service which is where we can really value add. Forming and maintaining these partnerships is really the core strength of Answer Services.

“Our industry experience, especially in the area of design and construct means we can consistently deliver quality installations that exceed customer expectations”

Answer Services